krutonz (reverie) wrote,

Lookin' back

I'm pretty sure I say this EVERYTIME I look back on old posts either on xanga or here, but here I go again...
Its trippy lookin' back for me. I see myself telling myself that I can work hard now and failing over and over again. And then I think back to those times and the good times and bad times I had with friends and family, and I realize so many new things from them. I used to be living this life of regret or something but now I realize there is nothing to regret once its done. The course has been set, many good things have come since then and sure, we'd love to take back some things we did, but our life wouldn't quite be the same without it happenin'. If I didn't flunk out my freshman year (and start playing catch-up at age 23) I wouldn't have met the love of my life Vicky. Or at least not long enough for her to start lovin' me. I would have ended on a not as great note with my ever-precious dorky little sisters. And worst, I wouldn't be half the brother I am now.

Still, I see room for improvement these last five years. I'm getting old. Yea, yea, I know. Many people out there slower than me. Many people worse off. But hey! Do we compete to see whose worse or whose better? Exactly. And so I know exactly the course I have to take. Sorry for all those people who want this name. I beat ya boys'n'gals to it and I'd give it up except it fits how I am perfectly when I'm banging away at the keyboard typing these long, boring entries.

To the good times. Cheers!
To the bad times. There's a brighter day tomorrow.
To the lessons learned. About time!

Time to party baby!
Justin "krutonz" Kuan
~lost in reverie-
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